One Human Race Austin

The One Human Race Initiative is a ministry of the

Union of Black Episcopalians, Myra McDaniel Chapter.

We create a safe, open, and productive environment 

for everyone to learn and share about race.

One Human Race Workshop

The Austin Story

Who We Are

One Human Race Workshop

  • View the PBS Series Race: The Power of an Illusion in one hour segments
  • Examine the American concept of race
  • Share feelings and experiences
  • Build community and common ground

The Austin Story

  • Meet once in the afternoon or evening
  • View a short documentary from KLRU's Austin Revealed series
  • Share feelings and experiences
  • Participate in a moderated panel discussion
  • Build community across neighborhoods and ethnicities

Who We Are

  • View Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America
  • Share thoughts and feelings
  • Discuss local issues
  • Make connections and brainstorm ideas for action


Thanks for sharing the powerful documentary and for the leadership you are providing in this critical arena!  You show a great deal of wisdom and caring as well as serving as a role model as to how to move forward constructively with healing, restoration, and rejuvenation! 

Wayne L. Ewen

Thank you for today's wonderful program, including the fruitful discussion. I so appreciated all the people you brought as leaders and their insights. It was a magnificent day.

Melinda Darrow

Thank you for bringing a wonderfully informative and formational experience to Tyler. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from all of the participants about interacting with your team. You all are welcome any time.

Rev. Mitch Tollett, Rector, St. Francis Tyler

The Austin Story Workshop at St. Christopher's helped to open our parishioners’ eyes to the history of systemic racism in Austin. Hearing stories of people's memories of the black community forged in East Austin helped us enter a world we never had the chance to know. The workshop allowed us to help hold the collective grief over the loss of this community and examine our own assumptions about what it means to be an Austinite. I was especially grateful for the panel discussion and the time each of the contributors took to be with us online.

Rev. Madeline Hawley

One Human Race provided an outstanding professional development session for our staff this fall. The Austin Story led our staff through important learning about our city's history of racial segregation and discrimination, while illuminating the forces and dynamics shaping our city's future. The presenters from One Human Race didn't stop at providing information - they also approached our staff with respect and modeled how we can and should be with one another when walking through crucial learning experiences about race.  One Human Race guided us through reflection on our individual positions as educators and helped us consider our collective responsibility as an institution of education to strive for equitable outcomes for our students and their families.  Partnering with One Human Race allowed our campus to build on our previous professional learning about racial equity and social justice, while expanding our understanding of the larger systems influencing our school and our students, such as gentrification and displacement of communities of color.

Adriane Kimmel, Gonzalo Garza Independence High School

I just want to express my appreciation for your splendid presentation last Saturday. The content was impressively focused on the topic, the presentation was smoothly efficient, and the spirit deeply affecting. You are doing good work! Thank you!

Pete Rose, Workshop Participant, St. David's Episcopal

One Human Race's ongoing commitment to Southwest has created brave spaces on campus by educating our community on local Austin history and facilitating conversations and training for racial reconciliation. The Black History Month Planning Committee is grateful for the profound exhibit, where One Human Race featured the Austin Story, followed by live presentations and workshops.

Black History Month Planning Committee, Seminary of the Southwest

Re-envisioning our institutions in ways that challenge deep and systemic racist structures within them is hard work! It requires patience, trust, long-term commitments, courage, vulnerability, and the wisdom of others. One Human Race's workshop and walkthrough display at Seminary of the Southwest accomplished what might seem to be impossible: they pointed us down this long path, and they allowed us to see the journey as hopeful!  

Dr. Anthony Baker, Seminary of the Southwest

Every single person in this country should take part in the One Human Race Workshop.  We all learn about the history of our country in school, but it truly is sanitized. I learned so many things that I never knew before and I have a new and better understanding of what it is like to be of a different race than I am. This workshop inspired me to be a better person. It inspired me to step up and speak out and not sit back and let the injustice of racism continue.  Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

Erinn Hughes, CASA of Williamson County

About Us

The Myra McDaniel chapter is an affiliate of the national organization, The Union of Black Episcopalians. The chapter advocates for and encourages greater involvement and particpation of members of the African Diaspora in all levels of the Episcopal Church.

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